«Cause We Care»

Easy climate protection, double the impact! Everyone is involved: you and your company as well as your guests and customers. Because together you can achieve great things, globally and locally.

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Sustainability in Tourism

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What is «Cause We Care»?

«Cause We Care» is the initiative for sustainable tourism. Together with myclimate, companies, associations and private individuals are actively committed to climate protection. The initiative aims to encourage, sensitise and motivate people to stand up for our nature and our climate. Because the time to act is now.

«Cause We Care» provides tourism providers and their customers with a credible, affordable and simple tool for effective climate protection. In doing so, «Cause We Care» ensures that added value is created for both parties. «Cause We Care» companies are given a platform to position themselves sustainably - their customers in turn benefit with their contribution from attractive offers from other «Cause We Care» companies.


How does «Cause We Care» work?

When purchasing a tourism service or product, a «Cause We Care» partner offers customers the opportunity to voluntarily invest a small contribution (approx. 1% of the price) in climate protection and sustainability. In relation to the greenhouse gases caused by the offer, this contribution supports a myclimate climate protection project. At the same time, the company promises to invest the same amount locally in climate protection and sustainability measures. In this way, we achieve a double impact together: globally and locally.


What has «Cause We Care» achieved so far?


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