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Travel and overnight stays inevitably result in a high quantity of CO₂ emissions. The travel and tourism industry is therefore responsible for a not inconsiderable quantity of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide. At the same time, this industry is also particularly affected by climate change and its consequences. Moreover, the environmental awareness of the guests has developed increasingly in recent years, as documented in current studies. These are substantial reasons for you to work together with myclimate and promote active and measurable climate protection!

myclimate for travel companies 

Position yourself as a responsible travel company and enable your clients the option to calculate flight or even holiday emissions and support high-quality climate protection projects accordingly. If you want to become a myclimate travel partner, you have various options:

  • You enclose a myclimate information brochure with all travel documents. As a tour operator, you can also call attention to climate-responsible travel with an insert or informational text in your catalogues.
  • You sell flight tickets with a directly integrated climate protection contribution (myclimate tickets) and thus become an active provider of effective climate protection. The free web application «Umbrella» is specially designed for use by travel agents.
  • You have an online shop for orders where you offer your customers the option of making an equivalent climate protection contribution for each flight ticket.

We would also be happy to design individual solutions together with you, customised to your requirements and those of your customers. 

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