Energy and Climate Laboratory

Target group: Apprentices training in the company

Offer: Workshops, support and anchoring climate protection in vocational training

Protecting the climate, but how can we do it? Sustainability skills are being incorporated into more and more educational and framework curricula. But how do you develop them effectively? The Energy and Climate Laboratory offers support for putting these skills into action in lessons, external courses and everyday working life – for every profession!  

What does this programme achieve?

With our support, basic training provides your apprentices with the necessary knowledge, skills and willingness to contribute to and succeed in their future role as professionals in an economy with the target of net zero.

Specific benefits

Apprentices recognise options for action in their profession. 

Apprentices’ self-efficacy is enabled and promoted 

Apprentices expand their knowledge and skills in general and in-depth projects. 

Vocational schools and professional organisations receive support in integrating and putting into action the topics of sustainability and climate. 

The Energy and Climate Laboratory is an action-based educational programme that enables apprentices to learn and implement climate protection skills at vocational schools or in external courses. This enables them to make a contribution to sustainability and climate protection in a professional context – beyond political ideologies and emotional debates, but always practical and skills-orientated.

The programme can be brought to schools or your organisation in various forms. It consists of free workshops on the topic of climate protection. The newly acquired knowledge can be put into practice and the relevant skills developed in a general or in-depth project. The best and most exciting ones receive national exposure and recognition through our platform.

In addition, the Energy and Climate Laboratory team supports associations, schools, lecturers and teachers in integrating climate protection into their educational programmes at a methodological, conceptual and strategic level. 

The Energy and Climate Laboratory gives apprentices an important experience for their future careers, which is basically that they are able to design something themselves and see it through.

First-year commercial apprentice from Zurich, participant in the Energy and Climate Laboratory.

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