Energy and Climate Pioneers 2.0

Target group: Pupils and teachers from Years 5 to 9 (ages 10–15)

Offer: Workshops for starting project work, further training for teams of teachers

Would you like to explore the fascinating topics of climate and energy with your Year 5 to 9 pupils (ages 10–15) with a focus on specific action and solutions?

We offer an inspiring programme, starting with an introductory day (five lessons) on climate change solutions, followed by the exciting implementation of your students’ very own climate protection projects. 

Or would you like further training for your school’s staff on solution-orientated climate education? We offer formats tailored to your needs.  

What does this programme achieve?

Pupils and teachers actively shape society by developing profound environmental awareness and implementing climate-friendly solutions in their daily lives. 

Specific benefits

Knowledge about climate protection and increased environmental awareness 

Skills that can be used to make a sustainable commitment 

Motivation to actively contribute to shaping a climate-friendly future 

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Our Energy and Climate Pioneers 2.0 educational programme offers pupils in Years 5 to 9 (ages 10–15) the exciting opportunity to explore the topics of climate and energy in a lively and action-oriented way. We focus on playful input and assist pupils in coming up with ideas for class projects. It all revolves around the question: “How do I shape my world?” After the inspiring project day, the journey continues – now the pupils are asked to plan and implement their own climate protection projects. They can proudly share the results on our website and even have the opportunity to take part in the annual competition. In this way, we not only promote knowledge, but also skills and awareness of these young peoples’ own role in shaping a sustainable future. This educational approach seeks to inspire young people to become active shapers of a climate-friendly world. 

I found the project day very exciting and I learnt a lot. In future, I’ll try to pay more attention to what I really need and get by without all the other luxuries. 

Noemi, 15 years old, Hochdorf secondary school

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pupils took part per year on average (2021–2023)


classes took part per year in German- and French-speaking Switzerland (2021–2023)


teachers benefited from further training per year (2021–2023)

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