Company Challenge for apprentices

Target group: Companies with learners

Are you responsible for sustainability & CSR at your company, or do you supervise apprentices? Give your apprentices the chance to develop projects related to climate protection and sustainability, while simultaneously promoting your company’s commitment in this field. The myclimate Company Challenge offers a unique framework for this!

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Modular vocational training format

The myclimate Company Challenge is a modular vocational training format. It enables your apprentices to plan and implement effective sustainability projects. Over the course of this process, they gain valuable skills and can make a material contribution to your company.

The Challenge is based on our many years of experience in project work with apprentices and is oriented towards current government-issued education ordinances. The Company Challenge gives you effective support in fulfilling your teaching mission, as well as in advancing your climate protection commitment professionally and communicating it effectively within your company. 



Apprentices first receive an introduction from myclimate, before independently developing ideas and projects to enhance sustainability and climate protection at your company – supported by ad-hoc input from myclimate, too. These ideas and projects will be assessed by an in-house jury, with the best projects recognised at an award ceremony. 


Examples of past Company Challenges


The added value for you

For sustainability managers

  • You can effectively promote your climate protection commitments and the visibility of your CSR work in a way that generates a positive image.
  • You have the opportunity to strengthen the anchoring and visibility of your topic by having the apprentices work in several different departments and areas of your company and letting them enjoy a special amount of lobbying power (thereby prolonging the “honeymoon period”).
  • The apprentices will develop concrete climate protection ideas for you and put them into practice. 
  • You will obtain a large quantity of storytelling content on climate protection, sustainability and the promotion of the dual education system.


For vocational training managers

  • You will enable your apprentices to acquire skills on the basis of one of the most important topical issues. 
  • You can offer your apprentices the opportunity to do their bit and possibly even launch tangible projects at your company. They will also have the chance to acquire and apply important, predefined knowledge and skills (e.g. project management, understanding of company operations and the sector, sustainability).
  • You will be able to strengthen your position in the recruitment and development of young people as an attractive host institution for trainees. 
  • With the Company Challenge, you’ll have a tailor-made format for integrating climate protection into your own vocational training, as stipulated in various education ordinances.


For your apprentices

  • The apprentices experience self-efficacy and empowerment by developing their own ideas and having their voices heard: “We get to help make a difference!”.
  • They can familiarise themselves with project leadership and teamwork during a real project.
  • The apprentices are able to acquire skills relating to one of the major issues of our time.
  • The apprentices have fun.


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The Company Challenge can be tailored specifically to the needs of your company: we would be happy to put together a bespoke package of services for you. Get in touch with our specialists today, without obligation, and find out how your company can successfully put the Company Challenge into action.  


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