Company Challenge for Apprentices

Target group: Apprentices training in the company

Offer: Five- to eight-month modular project competition including a presentation and implementation within the company

The myclimate Company Challenge is a modular vocational education programme. It enables your apprentices to develop specific climate protection projects in their working environment. This gives your apprentices valuable expertise on climate protection and project management and strengthens your company’s commitment to sustainability.

What does this programme achieve?

The Company Challenge provides your apprentices with the necessary knowledge, skills and willingness to contribute to and succeed in their future role as professionals in an economy with the target of net zero.

Specific benefits

Develop apprentices’ skills (compatible with various educational plans).

Create opportunities to experience self-efficacy and empowerment.

Strengthen your position in recruitment and promotion of young talent.

Promote effective climate protection action and visibility of sustainability and vocational training work.

Content for storytelling on climate protection, sustainability and vocational training.

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The myclimate Company Challenge is a modular vocational education programme. It enables your apprentices to plan and implement effective sustainability projects. Over the course of this process, they gain valuable skills and can make a material contribution to your company. 

Apprentices first receive an introduction from myclimate, before independently developing ideas and projects to enhance sustainability and climate protection at your company – supported by ad-hoc input from myclimate, too. These ideas and projects are assessed by an in-house jury, with the best projects recognised at an awards ceremony.

For me, the Company Challenge has two important benefits. Firstly, our apprentices learn the important craft of project management, and secondly, they can help shape the future in real-life conditions. This duality is the driving factor for me, especially because it reduces CO2 and increases energy efficiency.

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