Pioneers for a Sustainable Liechtenstein

Target group: Pupils, teachers & apprentices

Offer: Workshops at schools, further training for teachers and kick-off days with a project competition

With LI Pioneers, an entire country’s children and youth are acquiring action-based sustainability skills for the first time. They are motivated to contribute to a sustainable world with their own climate or sustainability project. Energy and Climate Pioneers is offered to pupils. Apprentices can take part in the Energy and Climate Laboratory.

What does this programme achieve?

Participants take part in solutions for shaping a sustainable world within the scope of their abilities.

Specific benefits

Participants broaden their knowledge of sustainability issues, climate change and climate protection

They acquire a wide range of action-based skills to campaign for sustainability

Apprentices recognise options for action in their own profession

Participants’ self-efficacy is enabled and promoted

Participants are motivated to actively contribute to shaping a climate-friendly future

Teachers recognise ways to integrate the topics of sustainable development and climate protection into their lessons in an action- and solution-based manner and apply these approaches themselves

The Pioneers for a Sustainable Liechtenstein educational programme consists of the projects Energy and Climate Pioneers Liechtenstein and Energy and Climate Laboratory Liechtenstein. In Energy and Climate Pioneers, young people from kindergarten to secondary school are encouraged to discover their scope for action by developing and implementing climate and environmental protection projects as a class. Class workshops are free of charge and can be booked by teachers. The project offers teachers direct support in implementing parts of the Education for Sustainable Development guiding principle of the new LiLe curriculum. The Energy and Climate Laboratory project focuses on vocational training in companies. It gives apprentices in Liechtenstein the unique opportunity to use their career knowledge to develop energy-saving and sustainable projects. Apprentices take part in a kick-off day and then carry out their own projects in small groups before submitting them to the national competition.

As a teacher, I appreciated that the pupils had the opportunity to actively engage with the topic of sustainability. Theoretical discussion in the classroom is important, but you can only make the principles of sustainability tangible through hands-on examples and the use of interactive methods. This lets us lay the foundation for future action in line with these principles.

Teacher who visited the “Ich, die Zukunft” (Me, the Future) tower and attended an Energy and Climate Pioneers lesson with their class. (September 2023)

The projects that the young people presented and their commitment really fascinated me. You can see how much passion is behind their work. I would be delighted if as many projects as possible could be realised.

HSH Hereditary Prince Alois of Liechtenstein (September 2020)


pupils have been reached through Energy and Climate Pioneers


teachers reached through further training courses


apprentices have been reached through the Energy and Climate Laboratory

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