Tipps and Tricks for Sustainable Travel

You want to make your next trip sustainable, but don't know how yet? Here you will find tips, tools and links for climate-friendly and fair travel planning. Four principles for travel planning:

Clarify your wishes

Before you start planning your trip on the Internet, take some time and think about what you expect from the trip. Fun, relaxation, adventure or exotic cultures? Once you have clarified that, you can better decide where you want to go. If you stay locally, the journey is shorter and the climate is better preserved. If you travel far, it is more harmful to the climate, but certain cultures can only be experienced at a distance.



Calculate the CO2 output

Do you know how much CO2 is emitted from which means of transport? Choose your next means of transport carefully. Use our travel calculator app below to find out how climate-friendly or climate-damaging your journey is depending on the means of transport.

Stays as long as possible

If you long for foreign cultures that can only be reached by plane, you can put your CO2 emissions into perspective by staying as long as possible. This also offers you the chance to dive deeper into the culture. So why not do "Work and Travel" or help out with a local aid organization?





Live like a local

If you really want to experience a country, get involved in the life of the locals. Get to know the perfect city guide while couchsurfing. Use public transport. Go to the market. Visit the small restaurant where Nonna still cooks for herself. The local people benefit from your visit and you fill your backpack with special experiences.

Travel sustainably and win great prizes

Sustainable travel is not only worthwhile for the environment: myclimate organizes a travel competition at the end of each school year. Send us your climate-friendly travel plans and win a financial contribution or other attractive prizes. The next travel competition will take place in summer 2024.



Calculate the CO2 emissions of your journey with this app (available in German only)

Learn more about sustainable travel (available in German only)


Need more inspiration?

Young people from Olten share their ideas for sustainable travel



Useful links for travel planning

Stay in Switzerland and experience the great adventure here.

There is a lot to experience and discover around the 50 or so youth hostels throughout Switzerland. Good things are often so close. For sustainable holidays, staying in a hostel is simply the best option. And international friends can also be made hostel is simply the best option. And international friends can also be made here. Not only is regional food important, but also the energy supply is very sustainable.


Inspiration for sustainable travel in general:

Only Switzerland: www.oekohotel.ch
Only US: www.fairhotel.org/hotels-search/states
Only Germany and Austria: www.greentable.org/restaurants
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