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30 May 2023 «Climate protection up to date - measures and strategies for companies» Recording 30th of May 2023 myclimate Cloud Talk

Together with Kathrin Dellantonio, Managing Director of myclimate Switzerland, we will discuss where we stand in climate protection policy after Paris and Glasgow and how myclimate is positioning itself as an organisation to provide companies with the best possible advice on their climate protection commitment and to implement effective climate protection. Private sector commitment is urgently needed if the Paris climate goals are to be achieved. With our guests Axel Ritzberger, CEO of the Georg Utz Group, and Christof Huber, Director Festivals at Gadget abc Entertainment, we will introduce you to two exciting companies that have defined clear climate strategies in order to contribute to achieving the climate goals.


18 April 2023 Cloud Talk Germany: «Climate protection with strategy - Daily sustainability: What the new CSRD means for your company», Recording from the 13th of April 2023 myclimate Cloud Talk

Recording from the 13th of April 2023


02 February 2023 «What is the new myclimate impact label?» for the Swiss and Austrian markets myclimate webinar

For the introduction of the new label and the accompanying changes, myclimate is offering various information events (in German) where detailed information on the upcoming changes are provided.

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16 May 2022 The future of CO₂ offsetting myclimate Cloud Talk

Guests: Mischa Classen from the KliK Foundation, Thomas Paroubek from the Migros Cooperative Association

Recording of the myclimate Cloud Talk on the topic: What impact do the decisions of the Climate Change Conference - COP26 have on the voluntary and mandatory market?

Together with our invited experts, we showed what has changed as a result of the established set of rules (Paris Rulebook) for the international trading of carbon credits and discuss the resulting consequences for the voluntary and mandatory market. 

The virtual event was moderated by Carolin Roth.

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06 October 2021 Opportunities of the Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi) for companies myclimate Cloud Talk

Guests: Lena Martinez da Silva, Technical Service Manager and Dr. Marianne Dölz, Junior Technical Service Manager at Jungbunzlauer

What opportunities does the Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi) offer your company? Lena Martinez da Silva, Technical Service Manager and Dr. Marianne Dölz, Junior Technical Service Manager at Jungbunzlauer, together with Dr. Daniel Kammerer, Head of Consulting and Solutions at the myclimate foundation, talked about the Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi) and the challenges and opportunities it offers companies. The event was moderated by Nadine Jürgensen. Using the example of the Jungbunzlauer company, it was shown why it is worthwhile as a company to set science-based and ambitious climate targets.

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23 June 2021 Climate protection and sustainability in vocational education and training myclimate Cloud Talk

Guest: Bruno Schumacher, Head of Career Entry @swisspostDE

Sustainable development is a legally defined goal in Swiss vocational education and training. But how can companies optimally anchor the topics of sustainability and climate protection in their vocational training? How do such focal points help employees to shape their own everyday working life in a sustainable way? Can learners even be used as internal ambassadors to promote sustainable processes within the company itself? 

In a one-hour live talk, Maxi Grebe, Head of Education and Mischa Kaspar, Project Manager Education at the myclimate foundation, and Bruno Schumacher, Head of Career Start at Swiss Post, discussed "Sustainability in Swiss vocational education and training".

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24 August 2020 Sustainable change in mobility myclimate Cloud Talk

Guest:  Katja Diehl, Business and Communications Consultant consultant

At the second virtual myclimate «Cloud Talk», mobility expert Katja Diehl talks about the opportunities and obstacles of a sustainable future in the mobility sector.

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11 June 2020 Portfolio with Purpose myclimate Cloud Talk

Guest: Sustainable Finance expert Edith Alderweld

At the first virtual myclimate "Cloud Talk", Sustainable Finance expert Edith Alderweld shows which positive impact people can achieve for themselves, our society and the environment by investing wealth in a responsible and sustainable way.

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21 January 2020 Sustainable agriculture and nutrition myclimate Cloud Talk

Guest: Marc Buckley UN SDG Advocate, UN Resilience Futurist and member of the WEF expert network

At the first myclimate "Cloud Apéro" of the new decade, Marc Buckley showed ways to a more sustainable and climate-friendly agriculture.

12 November 2019 Franz Perrez, Head of Swiss COP Delegation and Environmental Ambassador, in conversation with myclimate myclimate Cloud Talk

Guest: Franz Perrez, Head of the Swiss COP delegation

Immediately before the start of the COP25 in Madrid, myclimate was able to welcome an absolute insider to the second myclimate "Cloud Apéro" in 2019. Franz Perrez, the head of the Swiss COP delegation, commented in detail on the goals of the conference and the Swiss contribution to it.

14 May 2019 Sustainability and digitalisation myclimate Cloud Talk

Guest: Futurist Christopher Patrick Peterka

At myclimate we discussed "sustainability and digitalisation" with Christopher Patrick Peterka. We challenged our guest and discussed to what extent the rapid technological developments will be a help or an obstacle on the way to a sustainable "net-zero society"? What changes are we talking about here? Who is initiating and who is controlling them? Will these developments and innovations help to save our climate?

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01 January 2018 Sustainability, economic efficiency and innovation in Swiss agriculture and gastronomy myclimate Cloud Talk

Guests: Patrick Forster, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Forster Group AG, and Roland Jenni, co-founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Zurich restaurant EquiTable

"Pioneers of change" - this is the theme bracket for the myclimate Cloud Event series in 2018. visionary entrepreneurs and opinion leaders are given a platform here to present their vision and solutions for a sustainable and economically successful future. At the start of the series, Patrick Forster and Roland Jenni discussed sustainability, economic efficiency and innovation in Swiss agriculture and gastronomy with Kai Landwehr from myclimate.

18 September 2017 The mobility of the future myclimate Cloud Talk

Guests: Dr. Kathrin Amacker, Member of the Corporate Executive Board and responsible for sustainability strategy, and Patrick Marti, Managing Director mobility

"The biggest lever for clean mobility is to question one's own mobility"
The myclimate Cloud Apéros 2017/18 provide a platform for pioneers of change. With Dr. Kathrin Amacker and Patrick Marti, two pioneers answered René Estermann's questions during the discussion about Swiss mobility in the myclimate Cloud Lounge.

29 May 2017 Interview with Anton Gunzinger myclimate Cloud Talk

Gast: Anton Gunzinger, Professor for Computer Architecture at ETH Zürich

In conversation with René Estermann from myclimate, Professor Gunzinger classified the YES to the energy strategy 2050 in terms of its importance and provided solutions for the major energy and climate issues. His conclusion: "We can already take big steps with our current status, we just have to want to. Mobility, energy generation and storage, smart living, it's an El Dorado for engineers".

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