What are CO₂ certificates?

CO₂ certificates represent the amount of emissions for which financial responsibility is assumed through support for climate protection projects. One certificate corresponds to one tonne of greenhouse gases.


The amount of greenhouse gas emissions that are reduced or avoided through a climate protection project are calculated as follows: For power production with renewable energies, the amount calculated is the amount of greenhouse gas emissions that the climate protection project reduces or avoids.

Furthermore, a scenario is described that highlights the greenhouse gas emissions that would have been created without the climate protection project. This scenario is referred to as a baseline. The difference between the baseline emissions (reference case emissions) and the expected project emissions provide the expected reduction in emissions.

Responsibility for CO₂ emissions from the manufacture of products and services that cannot be further reduced can be assumed through the purchase of CO₂ certificates. For this purpose, CO₂ certificates are sold in the accordant amount and subsequently retired. This retirement verifiably confirms that the certificate’s owner has made a contribution to climate protection.


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