Why should I calculate my CO2 emissions and take responsibility for them?

Human-induced climate change is one of the 21st century’s biggest challenges. True to myclimate’s motto “do your best - take care of the rest”, it’s best to avoid creating CO2 emissions in the first place. However, due to the fact that the most important thing for the climate is to reduce the amount of emissions worldwide, contributions to climate protection can also be made based on the calculated unavoidable emissions.

Unavoidable emissions are those that simply cannot be avoided, such as those produced through our own consumption of food, whereupon, for example the consumption of animal products has already been reduced to a minimum. emissions caused by a flight to America theoretically also count as unavoidable - unlike a flight within Europe, which can be replaced with a train journey in order to significantly reduce the emissions -, although the question as to whether the journey really is required arises, or could another holiday destination closer to home be selected that can be reached by coach or train?

For emissions that cannot be avoided or have not yet been reduced, myclimate offers the option of making a financial contribution to high-quality climate protection projects


You can find further exciting information on the subject of climate change and climate protection in our climate booklet

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