2022 World Floorball Championship: “Green Goal” for climate protection

The 2022 World Floorball Championship in Zurich and Winterthur is right around the corner. Advance ticket sales began recently. The event organisers are doing their utmost to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. They have long been aware that spectators are also an important part of such an event. So they are giving the fans a chance to contribute to climate protection.

swiss unihockey has set itself an ambitious goal: The 2022 Men's World Floorball Championship in Zurich and Winterthur is to be the first climate-​neutral floorball World Championship in history. The sustainability goal, the «Green Goal», was defined in cooperation with myclimate «Cause We Care».

By choosing sustainable products, efficient travel and the right partners, the CO2 emissions should be reduced by over 50% to a maximum of 3,000 tonnes compared to the 2018 World Championship in Prague. These remaining CO2 emissions will in turn be offset by investing in various myclimate carbon offset projects. The “Green Goal” will be reached with creative and innovative measures in different areas as well as with the cooperation of fans, partners and sponsors.

Fans can shoot for the equaliser

Thanks to the myclimate “Cause We Care” programme, spectators can do something for the environment while visiting the World Championships. With a small act, they can have twice the effect: with each ticket purchase, they can offset the CO2 emission of their World Championship visit for just CHF 2. In addition, they benefit from a public transport discount, which also reduces CO2 emissions.

The fans’ contribution is multiplied by the event organisers and invested in sustainability measures related to the event and in global myclimate carbon offset projects. In this way, everyone makes a big contribution to a sustainable and environmentally friendly event. In a video on the swiss unihockey website, you can see which Green Goals (sustainability goals) the organisers have set.

Advanced ticket sales for the 2022 World Floorball Championship have already begun.

Stay informed!