70 is the magic number - Carbon offset project in Tanzania

Fighting climate change at global and local level: We are working with a strong partner to bring solar-powered light and electricity to remote corners of Tanzania.

Solar-powered lamps, for example, mean that schoolchildren have the chance to study and finish their homework after dark.

myclimate introduces its newest climate protection project. The climate protection programme "Innovative Lighting and Recharging in Tanzania" leverages solar home systems that provide a clean, affordable fossil fuel alternative for low-income households and small businesses. This technology effectively reduces CO₂ emissions, in part thanks to an innovative approach to monitoring. myclimate now supports 70 climate protection projects in 30 countries.

People in countries such as Tanzania often use inefficient light sources that burn expensive fuels like kerosene, which severely limits their activities once it gets dark. Mobisol, the programme developer, combines solar energy with innovative mobile banking and micro-financing to distribute solar home systems (SHS ) to households in Tanzania. Thanks to a GSM modem (global system for mobile communications) installed in the solar controller, local engineers can use a web-based interface to track usage data such as battery and energy consumption. This technology helps them quickly identify and resolve potential maintenance issues.

The programme effectively reduces greenhouse gas emissions by saving on fossil fuels. Replacing weak petroleum lamps with bright, solar-powered LED bulbs does not only benefit the climate. In the twilight hours, residents can be much more productive when there are reliable light sources in their houses, whether that means undertaking employment or school work. After a successful ramp-up in Tanzania, the programme has demonstrated significant potential in terms of expansion to other African countries such as Ghana, Rwanda and Kenya.

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