A New Bern Experience with Endo Anaconda

Since August 28, Bern gets another touristic highlight: myclimate launched its new audio adventure. The special listening experience is spoken by the unmistakable voice of singer Endo Anaconda.


Opening event of the new myclimate Audio Adventure Bern with live performace from Endo Anaconda

The <link www.myclimate-audio-adventure.ch - external-link>myclimate Audio Adventure</link> takes its participants on an exciting adventure tour that features Bern's history as well as climate protection. Both adults and children will learn many things about the city not otherwise known to visitors – or many natives either. The myclimate Audio Adventure in Bern is a myclimate project made possible by its primary partner <link www.danone.ch - external-link>Danone</link> and by its partner <link www.bern.com/en/index.cfm - external-link>Bern Tourism</link>.

The episodes of the myclimate Audio Adventure Bern can also be downloaded on www.myclimate-audio-adventure.ch.


Also in Bern, there are three stories for different age groups to pursue:

  • In the story for adults, Endo Anaconda leads the audience with his unique voice and his unique sense of humor   through his Bern
  • The youth story is based on a true story. Jasmine, a high school student from Guttannen who has learned about the climate change the hard way in her village, plays herself, Endo Anaconda her uncle from Bern.
  • The story for young children is about a brave and angry little polar bear who wants to tell the politicians in the House of Parliament where to get off. Before doing this he meets the girl Janika, who shows him that there is hope and that there is a lot of action for the environment and against climate change taking place in Bern.

This is the ninth myclimate Audio Adventure in Switzerland. The first of these audio experiences was launched in 2010 in Zermatt. In 2012, Goms, Zurich-Nord and St.Gallen were inaugurated. In 2013, four new listening experiences followed with Scuol, Winterthur, Luzern and Göscheneralp. The next myclimate Audio Adventure is just around the corner. No. 10 will be in Zurich, the inauguration is planned for September 24.

The inauguration took place in the old „Mattenkraftwerk“ Berne. "Stiller Has" singer Endo Anaconda performed live excerpts from the stories.

Stay informed!