A new online home for myclimate Audio Adventures

Four new myclimate listening experiences have been launched this year. Most of them can also be experienced in the winter. Thanks to the new – and in our opinion very successful – online debut, you can stay home and get a nice impression of the regional stories and climate change.

The relaunch is successful. The <link www.myclimate-audio-adventure.ch - external-link-new-window>myclimate Audio Adventures</link> now have a new and - in our opinion - very successful internet presence. At www.myclimate-audio-adventure.ch, visitors can now learn everything worth knowing about special myclimate education and entertainment offerings. Samples and downloads relating to all stations can also be found on the site, as well as current news and contests associated with individual locations.

The myclimate Audio Adventures invite you to take part in entertaining and informative themed hikes and walks at eight different locations in Switzerland. Whether it’s in Lucerne, Winterthur, Scuol or Goms, the listening experience provide age-appropriate and exciting information regarding local climate change and local measures for protecting the environment. More Audio Adventures are already being planned. The new German-language website has been activated. The French-language version is soon to follow.

The idea behind the Audio Adventures is simple: Audio equipment and a map can be borrowed. At defined stations, participants hear individual episodes that fit into a larger related storyline. During these pleasant walks, which usually last between one and two hours, grownups and children alike learn lots of important information in a way that is both exciting and entertaining, that would otherwise remain hidden from both visitors and locals.

Stay informed!