About 900 Migros products assessed

Yummi, my favourite yogurt...but can I buy it with a clear conscience? Thanks to Migipedia and myclimate, customers can now look up the carbon footprint for any product at a glance.

The Migros Cooperative Association had myclimate calculate the carbon footprints for many of the items in its product range. It was a truly Herculean task, but myclimate computed the carbon footprints for around 900 products in 22 product groups by the end of 2012. The results were published on the <link www.migipedia.ch/de/search/products/klimadeklaration - external-link-new-window>migipedia webpage</link>.

Carbon footprints cover the entire product lifecycle. By calculating and transparently declaring the carbon footprints for its products, MGB is making good on <link www.migros.ch/generation-m/de/nachhaltigkeit/generation-m/was-wir-heute-tun/versprechen-konsum/co2-fussabdruck.html - external-link-new-window>a promise of MGB's Generation M</link>as part of its sustainability strategy.

<link www.climatop.ch - external-link-new-window>climatop</link>, an independent organization, translates the data into easy-to-understand colour codes so customers can quickly and easily compare the carbon footprints of different products.

Stay informed!