Achieve More – Consume Less

To significantly reduce Switzerland's ecological footprint BAFU and the newly founded association signed a contract to establish a Swiss network for improving ressource efficiency.

Paola De Coppi (WERZ), Daniel Kammerer, Maurice Jutz (Effizienzagentur Schweiz), Rainer Züst (Züst Engineering), Bettina Kahlert (ACT), Daniel Zürcher (BAFU), Thomas Heim (FHNW), Andy Spörri (Ernst Basler + Partner), Felix Meier, Simon Zeller (Pusch)

Significantly decreasing Switzerland’s ecological footprint in the long term will require a more efficient use of natural resources. SMEs in particular – the backbone of the Swiss economy – have great potential for becoming more efficient. Consequently, on 18 June 2014 the <link - external-link>Federal Office for the Environment (BAFU)</link> and the newly founded association signed a contract to establish a Swiss network for improving resource efficiency in business. <link - external-link></link> offers tailored consulting and support to companies that want to improve the use of natural resources in their business. supplements federal CO₂ reduction programmes (e.g. act) and is Daniel Kammerer, Head of Carbon Management Services at myclimate, “and that’s the main reason why myclimate and act are so committed to this initiative” runs a website and organises events.

From a corporate perspective, the efficient use of resources has a positive impact on both budgets and the environment. Studies have shown that companies can improve resource efficiency by 25 to 30 per cent within ten years. Investing in resource efficiency is almost always worthwhile. As well as enjoying lower material costs and being less dependent on volatile raw material prices, committed companies acquire the best employees and most loyal customers in the battle for more sustainability. The service offering is deliberately uncomplicated. When a company registers with, a suitable expert is assigned according to the company’s specific needs. This expert analyses existing potentials, calculates profitability and works with the company to prioritise key activities. Consulting services are supported through subsidies. Once implementation is complete, the resulting environmental impact is measured and evaluated.

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