act – a Summary of 100 Days by Marloes Caduff

act, the Swiss cleantech agency, has been operational since 1 April. myclimate's Marloes Caduff, who has been act’s CEO for 100 days now, outlines how the start has been from her perspective.

Dr Marloes Caduff has a PhD in environmental science from ETH Zurich. She has a background in environmental consulting and research work (including for eawag and EMPA) domestically and abroad. She has been CEO of act since July 2014.

What were the biggest hurdles that the team had to overcome before act commenced operations?

To enable act energy specialists to calculate savings potential efficiently for our customers with regard to energy consumption and CO₂ emissions as well as to create economic measures, an effective online tool certified by the <link - external-link "Öffnet externen Link im aktuellen Fenster">Federal Office of Energy</link> was required. We were able to develop this in a very short period thanks to a super team of myclimate IT specialists.

This task was and remains a show of strength. We did, however, manage to develop a tool that is simultaneously lean, modern and effective. Our 40 energy specialists are now working with this tool. It generates universal target agreements for so-called major consumers, reimbursements of the power grid surcharge and refunds of CO₂ taxes, for example.

What have been the most pleasing moments in your time as CEO to date?

The positive response from the economy without a doubt. The desire of companies to make a consistent commitment to energy efficiency and climate protection is tangible. This applies to both large companies and SMEs. For instance, <link - external-link "Öffnet externen Link im aktuellen Fenster">Swiss Post</link> is focussed on energy efficiency and has sought support from act. But Raiffeisen branches and cable car companies like Bergbahnen Destination Gstaad AG also want advice from act.

What targets have you set with act?

Alongside our energy specialists and partners, we want to assist Swiss companies on their path to sustainability generally. We want to reach and support as many companies as possible through the consistent creation and implementation of economic and customised measures in relation to energy and resources – from small SMEs to large groups.

Why should a Swiss company decide to work with act?

act may be a new provider, but our partners and energy specialists are renowned and established companies and organisations that have outstanding experience in relation to energy and the climate, for instance <link - external-link "Öffnet externen Link im aktuellen Fenster">Cofely AG</link> and the <link - external-link "Öffnet externen Link im aktuellen Fenster">Herzog Kull Group Aarau</link>. Both have provided act with active support in its establishment and offer their considerable experience and knowledge to our customers.

Companies also appreciate our uncomplicated manner and the simplicity of our product. act offers companies just ONE target agreement. There is no choice of model.

Moreover, companies do not have to grapple with the legal structures and rules of the state or cantons; act takes on all of this. Our goal is to improve the competitiveness of companies and to increase energy efficiency and climate goals in companies, thereby improving their overall sustainability.

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