Art for climate protection at EuroAirport in Basel

The Foundation myclimate has teamed up with two Swiss academies of art and EuroAirport to realize the art project “Memories of the Future”, the goal of which is to raise awareness about sustainable travel. At various locations in the departures and arrivals areas, there are now large-scale pictures and installations that raise the awareness of passengers about their own CO2 emissions and serve to encourage them to offset their flights.

Artwork: Natural beauties from Alena Istif, Photo: Friedli-Fotografie, Basel

The students from Macromedia University in Freiburg im Breisgau and the FHNW Academy of Art and Design in Basel used the motto “Memories of the Future” to create a world full of inspired stories and memories of holidays, distant cultures, and natural wonders. These works are now being exhibited on empty wall spaces at EuroAirport, offering passengers a unique opportunity to consider their own travel behaviour in a creative way. 


“An artistic interpretation of climate change conveys a very different, emotional perspective. This can motivate people to take responsibility for their own behaviour,” says Stephen Neff, CEO of myclimate. He continues: “EuroAirport took a bold step in offering prominent spaces for this, and it makes sense that the artworks were produced by young people who will have to face the severe effects of climate change during their lifetimes.” 


The “Memories of the Future” art project aligns with the airport’s overall approach to sustainable development and environmental policy, with one particular area of focus being the reduction of CO2 emissions. Since October 2021, EuroAirport has also been working with the Foundation myclimate to provide a service that allows travellers to offset the CO2 emissions of their flights. On the EuroAirport website, passengers can access a calculator in just a few clicks, on which they can easily calculate their flight emissions and offset them through myclimate carbon offset projects. In addition, QR codes that take passengers directly to the offsetting page are displayed next to the art installations in the terminal. 


For further details on the project: Memories of the Future (

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