Automated Solution for Climate-Neutral Operations

Calculating the carbon footprint of a company (corporate carbon footprint) brings clarity about greenhouse gas emissions within the company. With the new automated solution from myclimate, companies can easily and independently determine the overall carbon footprint for their business and earn the label “climate-neutral operation” within a very short period of time. A myclimate label creates transparency and serves as proof of calculation and the assumption of responsibility through offsetting.

Where are unavoidable greenhouse gas emissions being created? Where could these then be reduced? More and more businesses are looking to have their carbon footprint calculated and areas where action is needed identified. However, many companies also want to take on responsibility for their greenhouse gas emissions directly. myclimate offers a simple and verifiable solution for measuring corporate emissions and offsetting emissions that are currently unavoidable.

What does the new Automated “Climate-Neutral Operation” Label Offer?

The new solution “Offsetting with a climate-neutral label” gives companies and businesses the opportunity to acquire the “climate-neutral operation” label when calculating their emissions. The data that is entered is automatically compared with benchmark data and checked for accuracy. The label serves as verification that all operational CO2 emissions for the specified financial year have been calculated and offset through recognised carbon offset projects. 

Using the tracking number or the QR code on your label, customers, business partners and employees can monitor CO2 offsetting and find out about the carbon offset projects that are being supported. The “climate-neutral operation” label is created on the basis of the offset financial year and issued for the current year. The tracking number on the label can be accessed until 31 March of the following year.

Determine Your Emissions with the Updated Company Calculator

The myclimate company calculator, which was updated in the spring of 2021, takes account of the latest technological and scientific findings and integrates as many influencing factors as possible (calculation bases). The calculator is very user friendly, offering a simple means to obtain an accurate overview of a company’s individual business emissions. Activities in the areas of commuting, business travel, material purchasing, meals, waste volumes, mobility and, of course, energy consumption for electricity and heating, are recorded. The company calculator captures the overall volume of company-related greenhouse gas emissions that arise both from the location itself and along the value chain. The company can use the results to identify areas where action is needed and make their business more climate friendly by enacting measures to reduce their emissions. In addition, transparent information can be provided about the company’s carbon footprint.

The myclimate Web Calculator

Via the platform, myclimate offers various calculation options for CO₂ emissions both for private and corporate customers. Flight emissions and the carbon footprint of car journeys, cruises or a household can be analysed and offset here, as can a person’s personal annual carbon footprint or corporate and event emissions. The myclimate experts in calculations and analyses revised all their web calculator tools in 2020 and 2021, redrafting them based on the latest research data.

*until 31 December 2021, interested companies will receive the “climate-neutral operation” label free. After this date, costs amounting to CHF 500 will be due.


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