Bertrand Piccard is patron of the new Climate Pioneers project

This project has two prominent "patrons" – the climate pioneers Bertrand Piccard and André Borschberg. These two are planning to circumnavigate the planet in 2013 in their solar-powered aircraft, the "Solar Impulse", hoping that this will send out a message regarding our dependence on fossil fuels. Together with myclimate and Swisscom, they are now searching for <link _blank>tomorrow's climate pioneers</link>, granting all participating classes an exclusive insight into their work with the “Solar Impulse”.

Along with the project comes the brand-new teaching aid "<link _blank>Climate Hours for Climate Pioneers</link>" developed by myclimate. It supports the implementation of climate projects with teaching suggestions for the areas of consumption, mobility, habitation, renewable energy, biodiversity and the consequences of climate change.

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