BIONADE seals a long-term climate friendly cooperation with myclimate

Another innovative company is now working together with myclimate. BIONADE, the successful pioneer in the field of ecological soft drinks, has sealed a long-term partnership in favour of the climate. Find out more!

Quelle: BIONADE GmbH, Ostheim/Rhön

Bionade GmbH, manufacturer of the popular drink of the same name, and myclimate have signed a contract to work together for the benefit of climate protection. This year, all events by the company from Ostheim are offset by certified climate protection projects.

Bionade, forerunner in the field of ecological soft drinks in Germany, is committed to reducing the greenhouse gas emissions as much as possible. And now, Bionade is also working together with myclimate to offset CO₂ emissions through climate protection projects. As a first step, Bionade made all of their scheduled events in 2013 climate neutral. To do this, all of the projected greenhouse gas emissions for eight major events and 110 smaller scale events were added together.

"The entire Bionade concept is based on the idea of wanting to provide the people with something good. This concept is not complete just because we manufacture a unique, completely organic and extremely delicious drink. We are also driven by the objective of running our enterprise based on a sense of decency towards humankind and the environment", comments Christian Zepf, Bionade's environmental representative. "These business values are exemplary, and by carrying out climate neutral events, Bionade is taking the next step in their commitment to climate protection", praises Stefan Baumeister, Managing Director of myclimate Germany gGmbH.

Further steps in the course of the climate protection cooperation with myclimate are currently being planned.

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