Breakthrough and Recognition for the “Energie- und Klimapioniere”

The “Energie- und Klimapioniere” project has received a special commendation. The education project from myclimate has been given the Energy Globe Award for Switzerland. In keeping with this accomplishment, the project has broken another record: since the beginning of the initiative, more than 20,000 school pupils have been reached throughout all of Switzerland.

Maxi Grebe, Head of Department Education myclimate; Res Witschi, CSR Manager Swisscom and myclimate CEO René Estermann (from left)

With more than 170 participating countries and 2,000 project submissions every year, the Energy Globe Award is the most prestigious environmental award in the world today. Every year, noteworthy best practice projects are distinguished in each country. The “Energie- und Klimapioniere” project from myclimate was awarded this year's prize for Switzerland.

"Climate change and sustainable sources of energy are huge societal demands and must be tackled, both on an individual and a political level. This year's winner of the National Energy Globe Award for Switzerland has given school pupils a deeper understanding and enthusiasm for climate protection and the sustainable use of energy and resources. Congratulations to this initiative!", with these words, the Energy Globe Jury explained their decision.


In 2017 alone, 450 classes registered to take part in the “Energie- und Klimapioniere” project. In addition to this, the project, initiated by Swisscom in 2011 and receiving significant support from EnergieSchweiz, has reached more than 20,000 school pupils of all ages and in all language areas within Switzerland in the meantime. In total, more than 900 concrete projects have been implemented within the scope of the initiative.

"Climate protection requires knowledge and indeed, not only theoretical knowledge, but also knowledge of actual, concrete possibilities for action. The “Energie- und Klimapioniere” don't just transmit knowledge, they motivate, they demonstrate solutions, speaking to the heart, mind and creativity. This is what makes this project special in our educational landscape. Both 20,000 participants and now the Energy Globe Award are a great vindication of the fundamental concept behind the “Energie- und Klimapioniere”!", said myclimate CEO René Estermann. myclimate previously garnered the National Energy Award for the Energy and Climate Laboratory in 2010.

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