Captain Plant Loves Burgers! As Does myclimate!

Since 2012, Captain Plant has been causing a stir in the Swiss fast-food world with a delicious, healthy and sustainable range. myclimate is now supporting Captain Plant and rendering the “Food Truck” climate-neutral.

The new Captain Plant burgers impress when put to the test. Image: Nelly Rodriguez

<link - external-link "Öffnet externen Link im aktuellen Fenster">Captain Plant</link> founder Jens Hermes has an ambitious goal: he aims to prove that no meat is required to make a tasty burger, just creativity and good regional ingredients. Jens Hermes has found committed comrades-in-arms for this idea within a very short period of time. Ever since, Captain Plant has been providing hungry visitors in and around Basel and at various events with high-quality fast food that is anything but “standard”.

myclimate has now joined Captain Plant’s friends and supporters. A company like Captain Plant advocates the handling of resources in a considered manner. At the same time, Captain Plant’s range reaches a younger audience and manages to make them aware of ecology and climate-friendly cuisine in an unobtrusive manner. myclimate is providing consistent help to make Captain Plant’s next phase of development climate-friendly.

With its “Food Truck”, Captain Plant wants to appear both at diverse locations in Basel and at events throughout Switzerland.myclimate has calculated the emissions of the new Food Truck and will offset these based on maximum capacity for three years.

Whether at Greenfield in Interlaken or the specially appointed Burger Catering company in Bern, the burgers will soon be brought to their fans in a climate-neutral manner.

Stay informed!