Car Insurance with Climate Offsetting

More than 20 years ago, the Swiss Association for Transport and the Environment (VCS) brought the first eco-friendly vehicle insurance onto the market in partnership with Zürich Insurance Company Ltd, offering favourable rates to environmentally friendly vehicles. Now they are going a step further: VCS is the first provider in Switzerland to offset the kilometres driven by its customers.

New policyholders will benefit from climate-neutral driving for a year. Picture: VCS

CO2 emissions from road traffic are one of the biggest contributors to climate change. Accounting for 41 per cent of the total emissions in the transport sector, car traffic is a key source of these emissions. The reduction in climate-damaging CO2 is a must, which is why VCS and Zurich have been offering climate-friendly car insurance for some time now. Vehicle owners who make infrequent use of their vehicles and only for necessary travel save up to 20 per cent on their premiums. In so doing, kilometre’s driven per year and CO2 emissions are effectively and sustainably reduced.

Climate-neutral for the first policy year

Together, Zurich and VCS are going a step further. For all car insurance policies newly concluded by the end of October 2020, all CO2 emissions generated in the first year will be offset through myclimate. In concrete terms, this means that the average CO2 emissions of the insured vehicle will be offset. This includes the “grey emissions”, which arise during the manufacture and provision of the vehicle and road infrastructure. The offsetting costs will fund a carbon offset project from myclimate, which will neutralise the emissions. In this way, new policyholders benefit from a year’s worth of climate-neutral driving. Zurich and VCS are the first providers in Switzerland to ensure climate neutrality for their customers.

In addition to helping save the environment, customers are also saving money: the car insurance can be individually configured according to the needs of the customer, ensuring that they only pay for what they actually need.

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