Carbon-neutral heating oil, a contradiction in terms or logical consequence – PARTNER PORTRAIT Migrol

"Heating oil and climate change, this is not a contradiction!" affirms Migrol, one of the largest suppliers of heating oil in Switzerland. When purchasing heating oil, customers can now effectively offset the CO₂ emissions of the heating oil and really contribute to the climate protection project of myclimate. Andreas Bildstein, Marketing Manager at Migrol, explains the model and its background.

Mr. Bildstein, who is the offer aimed at, who benefits from this?

The offer is essentially aimed at all individuals and businesses who use heating oil, diesel or petrol and want to actively protect our climate. It is beneficial for the environment and therefore people. Companies can also take advantage of this initiative if they want to improve their climate footprint and operate as climate-friendly companies. It will furthermore also benefit the people who are supported by the projects in Kenya and Tanzania. These are designed, for example, to directly minimise the deforestation of the rain forest.

If someone were to label your offer of "climate-neutral fuel" with the term "greenwashing", how would you respond?

If you opt to offset your CO₂ emissions with Migrol, it has nothing to do with "green washing". Firstly, the customers are directly supporting climate protection projects that verifiably reduces CO₂ emissions. Secondly, those involved are also sending out a sign in favour of global climate protection - I think they do this because they wants to get actively involved in protecting the environment and not because they want to be "greenwashing". The whole world is aware of the effects of climate change and this offer gives every customer the opportunity to actively do something to protect the climate. We are proud that we are the first fuel supplier in Switzerland to offers such a scheme for reducing emissions.

Why did Migrol decide to implement this idea together with myclimate?

We are the leading company in the Swiss energy services market and we want demonstrate our commitment to effective climate protection by setting a good example. In myclimate we have found an experienced and competent partner who has already implemented numerous specific projects for climate change on both a global and local level. At myclimate, the objective that many highly motivated employees strive for is nothing short of creating a better future for our world for everyone through effective climate protection projects. We were won over by their commitment to the environment.

How does the "carbon-neutral heating oil" fit into the company's strategy and history?

Migrol has played a supporting and influential role in the Swiss petroleum industry since it was founded by Gottlieb Duttweiler; it is also characterised as a pacesetter through its innovative power. That is how, for example, acting on a discernable trend of requests from customers, we opened up the future market of renewable energy with heat pumps and solar systems through the acquisition of the specialist technology partner Swisstherm. By offering "climate-neutral heating oil", we can now satisfy our customer’s wishes even more specifically whilst actively promoting climate protection projects. Migrol has also been selling CO₂-neutral fuel in the form of wood pellets for nearly ten years and would like to further promote its sales in this area.

The medium-term goal must be to replace fossil fuels if the global climate targets are to be achieved. How will Migrol be contributing to this?

In the wake of the energy transition, many companies must rethink their approach and develop new products or new areas of business. Migrol has decided actively to shape the energy transition for its customers in this context. That is why since 2015, it has offered alternative forms of energy for producing heating and hot water in cooperation with its partner Swisstherm, known as the heat expert. By offering "climate-neutral heating oil" and supporting the myclimate climate protection projects, we, together with our customers, are trying to promote the distribution of CO₂-neutral energy sources in other parts of the world.

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