Carbon offset projects up close and transparent!

myclimate's carbon offset projects can be visited by firms, private travellers and media representatives at any time. Recently, a group of journalists from Germany and Switzerland went to see two carbon offset projects in India and was able to experience the positive effects for the local population on site.

Biogas Project Kolar District: Installing the pipe on the dome

Companies, leisure travellers and media representatives can visit myclimate climate protection projects at any time. In mid-October, for example, a group of journalists from Germany and Switzerland visited two climate protection projects in India where they were able to convince themselves of the positive impacts for the local population.

They headed to Kolar in southern India to visit farming families who are now able to cook cleanly and easily thanks to the installation of biogas plants. To date, 1,500 plants have been successfully constructed and are up and running. Eventually, a total of 10,000 households will have their own biogas plant.

In Chandigarh in northern India, the group was able to take a more detailed look at another of myclimate's biomass projects. Thanks to efficient biomass cookers professional kitchens, restaurants, canteens and schools now have an alternative to LPG. Seventy cookers have already been installed in the region and are running well.

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