Clean drinking water and efficient cookers for families in Darfur

Thanks to a myclimate carbon offset project, internally displaced persons in Darfur now have access to an energy-efficient means of cooking and water purification technologies for clean drinking water.

In cooperation with two US non-profit organisations, Impact Carbon and Potential Energy, myclimate has launched a climate protection project at camps for internally displaced persons and in other parts of Darfur. Impact Carbon's local partners are in charge of distributing water purification technologies, while Potential Energy is responsible for the efficient cookers. More than 140,000 families in Darfur will benefit from these efforts. Using these household technologies has a positive impact on health, since they reduce air pollution in homes and deliver clean drinking water. The project also urgently addresses the scarcity of firewood, which is forcing Darfur women to put themselves at risk of violence by undertaking long journeys from their camps into unsafe areas in search of fuel.

This climate protection project was made possible thanks to an investment by The Soneva SLOW LIFE Trust, a foundation set up by the world's leading operator of sustainable luxury resorts, The Soneva Group. myclimate will buy and market the generated Gold Standard emission reductions.

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