Climate protection all around: Professional lunch menus and cookies for a good cause

The joint programme of SV Hotel and myclimate, which combines international and local climate protection measures, is called "Climate protection all around". Two Swiss school classes have not only learned a great deal about sustainability and climate protection through "all-round climate protection". Both were also allowed to put their knowledge directly into practice. A class organised a climate-friendly lunch as cooks and service specialists. The second class started a production of Christmas biscuits, the sales proceeds of which will benefit people in Uganda.

Class 5a of the Primary School Insel in Basel had professional support. Together with the chef and the team of the Hotel Courtyard Basel, the children were able to organize a complete lunch menu for the guests of the hotel restaurant on November 23rd. Seasonal and regional, according to these principles the students prepare the menus themselves. In addition, they designed matching placemats and took over the service. The young cooks are delighted to welcome guests who were impressed by the quality and creativity of a climate-friendly lunch menu - nut salad with walnuts and pear cubes, pumpkin escalope with sweet potatoes and fried mushrooms, vermicelles mousse.

Climate Cookies for Uganda

Visitors to the Christmas market in Zurich Oerlikon can also try out culinary climate protection. The school class of teacher Maria Schocher from the Schauenberg School in Affoltern has produced fine and sustainable cookies and matching individual labels. The Courtyard Hotel Zürich Nord provided its kitchen for the elaborate production of goods. The cookies are sold for a good cause at the Courtyard Hotel's stand at the Oerlik Christmas Market (December 1 and 2). All the proceeds from the sales will go to the myclimate climate protection project "Clean drinking water for schools and households through filter systems".

All-round climate protection

Climate cooking and the «Klimaguetzli» are part of the "All-round climate protection" programme. The programme is implemented in partnership between myclimate and SV Hotel. As a pioneer in the hotel industry, SV Hotel is implementing climate protection in all its facets for the first time with various measures. The commitment includes international responsibility with the support of the myclimate climate protection project in Uganda. Locally, the program with efficiency enhancements and improved resource management extends into the internal hotel processes. In addition,"all-round climate protection" focuses on such school activities as sensitisation measures on the spot. The programme also includes the "climate-neutral room" at the Courtyard Hotel Zürich Nord, which has already been booked more than 20,000 times.

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