Climate protection in amateur football: DFB and myclimate launch climate calculator

Together with the German Football Association (DFB), myclimate is working on a free climate calculator for amateur football clubs. The new calculator should enable the clubs to determine their personal carbon footprint, find ways to reduce emissions and subsequently take appropriate climate protection measures. The test phase is now starting with ten pilot clubs. The climate calculator will serve as a valuable addition to myclimate’s comprehensive sports portfolio.

The starting point for the carbon footprint calculator was intensive discussions with amateur clubs and with the DFB regional and state associations. It became clear that many clubs want to become more involved in climate protection, but find it difficult to find starting points and ways to initiate change within their own clubs. This new calculator is intended to change this and enable clubs to independently assess their carbon footprint. For a low-threshold and intuitive start, the tool has been tailored as precisely as possible to amateur football during development. In a test phase, ten amateur clubs will now be given the opportunity to use the carbon footprint tool for the first time. Their feedback should help to further adapt the calculator to the needs of amateur football. 

The data entered online into the calculator is recorded in various categories, such as “Mobility”, “Energy” and “Events and Team Trips”. In this way, clubs can also be alerted to sources of emissions that may have previously been unaware of. If exact values are not available for parts of the survey, it is also possible to work with estimates, which will now be determined in the test phase with the pilot clubs. In this way, the entry barrier for climate protection should remain as low as possible.   

After completing the data survey, the clubs will receive a graphical and numerical evaluation showing where they are already well positioned and where there is still potential for reductions. At, the clubs will then find recommendations for action to be taken on climate protection in amateur football. The climate calculator will make their efforts not only visible but also measurable.      

With the calculator, the participating clubs will have the necessary equipment to set themselves up for the future on their own initiative. In this way, the more than 24,000 clubs in Germany can do their part to achieve great things together and to work for climate protection. The free carbon footprint tool for amateur football clubs is expected to be released in December 2023, following completion of the test phase. 

The following ten amateur clubs from all over Germany are taking part in the pilot project: 

  •     TuS 1863 Hackenheim
  •     FC Südstern Karlsruhe
  •     FV Hörden 1923
  •     TC Freisenbruch 02
  •     FC Internationale Berlin 1980
  •     Sportverein Tiefenbach
  •     SV Schwarz-Weiß 1928 Frömern
  •     Hannoverscher Sport-Club von 1893
  •     TuS  «Grün-Weiß» 1945 Drommershausen
  •     SV09 Scherpenseel-Grotenrath


Extensive offers for sports leagues, associations and both amateur and professional clubs 

The climate calculator for amateur football clubs was commissioned by the DFB. myclimate was awarded the development contract following an open call for tenders. With this contract, myclimate is expanding its existing selection of comprehensive solutions for climate protection in sport. These range from the comprehensive analysis of greenhouse gas emissions to the development of feasible reduction pathways to the implementation of effective climate protection measures. Among others, sports leagues, associations and both amateur and professional clubs are already benefiting from this expertise. With the help of experienced network partners such as Sports For Future e.V., TSC Eintracht Dortmund and Freiburger Kreis, myclimate recently published the club CO₂ calculator, which is aimed at all amateur grassroots sports clubs. 

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