CO₂-Offsetting for flights is expanding – myclimate Japan in game-changing collaboration

In a multiway collaboration myclimate Japan supports the leading flight booking system Amadeus in implementing a CO2 compensation. The ground-breaking project enables flight services to thoroughly inform their customers about carbon offsetting.

myclimate Japan, Amadeus Japan, the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and the Japanese Ministry of Economy (METI) have set the goal to implement the calculation of flight related CO₂-emissions for flight booking and to give customers the chance to offset their emissions. Each party brings their own unique expertise to the project:

Amadeus delivers the technology to help processing the information and carbon compensation related payments, as well as the means to reach an immense number of travellers every day.

ICAO brings in the legitimacy and global reach that makes its Carbon Calculator the preferred option to estimate emissions. ICAO Gereral Secretary, Raymond Benjamin, said: “[We] welcome the opportunity to collaborate on this project and to make its carbon calculator available to support this important emissions-reduction initiative.”

And finally myclimate Japan is contributing its expertise in the management of effective climate protection projects. Tomomichi Hattori, CEO, myclimate Japan, said: “Based on the proven record of emission trading, myclimate Japan has made a significant contribution to a low carbon society. Now this business model realised by the partnership with METI and Amadeus Japan enables individuals to easily take part in carbon offset activities. With this initiative travellers are informed and can choose to take personal action.”

This team effort is a milestone for commercialaviation industry. Booking services in the Japanese flight market now have the option to fully educate their customers on their carbon footprint and to offer them effective means of compensation. The aviation industry is responsible for 2% of worldwide carbon emissions. So far only few providers, for example Swiss International Air Lines, have integrated a voluntary compensation mechanism into their booking process. For many years myclimate’s own flight calculator has provided climate-conscious travellers with an easy to use and effective tool to protect our climate.

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