Consolidating complex structures: myclimate smart 3 at Adecco

At the beginning of year, the large, international company Adecco Group switched to the sustainability software myclimate smart 3. Adecco used smart 3 for the easier, smoother data collection and processing. In future, smart 3 will help Adecco achieve its ambitious sustainability goals.

Lilian Furrer, Director Corporate Social Responsibility Adecco Group

myclimate smart 3 provides comprehensive support with the core steps of data collection, consolidation, analysis and reporting. The software is designed to be easy to use and offers a multilingual system with an interactive dashboard. The tool provides specific and easy-to-configure analysis options that are especially useful for companies such as <link - external-link "Opens external link in current window">Adecco</link> that have a more complex structure, more than one branch and multiple locations.

Headquartered in Switzerland, the international Adecco Group operates in more than 60 countries with more than 5,500 branches. Adecco is Switzerland’s leading HR service provider with over 100 branches at over 50 locations and 450 employees. Lilian Furrer, who as Director of Corporate Social Responsibility is in charge of sustainability throughout the Adecco Group, is constantly faced with the task of bundling sustainability data and factors of this extensive structure in order to make it possible to compare and evaluate them.

“The myclimate smart 3 software is very helpful here. It allows my team in at least 17 countries to collect the relevant data and transmit it to our headquarters without major effort,” says Lilian Furrer. After the first few months, Adecco is already highly satisfied. Thanks to higher-quality data and the system's internal assistance functions and standard data sets it was also possible to close existing data gaps in the reports. This not only helps the central CSR team, but also the individual country organisations.

Adecco uses the program both for all <link - external-link "Opens external link in current window">CSR reports</link> and evaluations as well as for the <link - external-link "Opens external link in current window">CDP monitoring</link>. “We have steadily improved in our core sustainability indices since 2011. But we want to be even better. With smart 3 we now have a tool that will help us to raise our data management to a new level.“

Your designated contact person for myclimate smart 3 is Beni Huber (<link - mail "Opens window for sending email">Email</link>, Tel +41 44 500  43 57)<link - mail "Opens window for sending email">.

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