Cool and climate-neutral – Partner Portrait Odlo

Odlo belongs to the most innovative of sports outfitters. Odlo was one of the first businesses to draw up a product-based carbon footprint with myclimate, having done so as early as 2011. For the spring/summer season, Odlo has now released the Ceramicool range, with which brand ambassadors such as Olympic champions Dario Cologna and Nino Schurter or the runner Ingalena Heuck train. The range is not only highly functional, but also climate-neutral with myclimate.


Odlo has released its Ceramicool products, climate-neutral with myclimate.

In an interview with myclimate, Julia Krämer, sustainability manager at Odlo, explains why the cooperation with myclimate is simply the next logical step in the direction Odlo is taking as a business.

What is special about the Ceramicool line?

We are specialists of next-to-skin products and well-known for our history of disruptive innovations. We have launched Ceramicool in Spring 2017. <link - - "Opens external link in current window">Ceramicool</link> is a unique active cooling technology: endurance tests carried out on dummies have demonstrated that it reduces skin temperature by up to 1°C, thanks to ceramic particles in the yarn that have the ability to release warmth quickly and thus transmit excessive heat away from the skin. Odlo has a long tradition of winter innovations, but we are now a premium, full-year performance sportsbrand. With this active cooling story, we want to highlight again our relevance for warmer conditions as well. 

Why was it decided to offer the product in a climate-neutral way?

Odlo is a member of theclimate-neutral product lines is a logical step on our strategic road to be increasingly sustainable. We know that big changes start with small steps. 
Why did Odlo choose MyClimate as its partner for the calculation and compensation?
Odlo is engineered in Switzerland since 1986, so working with a Swiss organization came naturally. But we were also aware of the reliability and reputation of MyClimate, who is an experienced Swiss non-profit organization that promotes climate protection projects of the highest quality and long-lasting development worldwide. Odlo and MyClimate want to shape the future through consultation, education, and carbon offset projects. We also want to help and support concrete projects, such as <link record:tx_cop_domain_model_project:309 - - "Opens external link in current window">reforestation in South America</link>. 

Odlo is often still associated with the sports industry as a supplier of functional sportswear, to what extent is this assessment still valid? 

We are a <link - external-link "Opens external link in current window">global performance sports brand</link>, active in 6 key categories : Sports underwear, Running, Training,  Performance Outdoor, Cycling and Nordic. We are specialists of first and second layers and engineers of active layers. Obviously, our story starts in Norway, in colder conditions. But, we are a full-year brand.   

How much Switzerland, how much Norway are still in Odlo?

We have our roots in Norway but have been based in Switzerland for 30 years. Both countries have a lot in common: the respect of nature, the importance of tradition and a high desire for quality. We always say that we are born in Norway and engineered in Switzerland. Now that we are on a global expansion, our employees are coming from all over the world, but it is important for us to keep in mind where we come from.

Odlo was founded 71 years ago by Norwegian Odd Roar Lofterød and since 1986 its headquarters have been in Switzerland. Odlo offers highly functional products for both competitive and ambitious amateur athletes. The Odlo product range covers clothing and equipment for winter sports, running and cycling as well as for training. 

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