Coop, WWF, BioSuisse and myclimate - A Powerful Alliance for Swiss Climate Protection Projects

In an effort to compensate for emissions originating from unavoidable air transport, coop@home deliveries and business trips, Coop has been involved in climate protection projects from WWF and myclimate since 2007. Coop is now also involved in climate protection projects in Switzerland.

Coop supports climate protection efforts from Swiss producers of organic food

As it is expanding the partnership with WWF and myclimate for more sustainability and climate protection, which started in 2007, Coop is now implementing part of its own climate compensation projects along the supply chain and directly in Switzerland.. Led by myclimate and in cooperation with the WWF and BioSuisse, it has been developing a number of local climate protection projects in Switzerland. Partners of these climate protection projects are Swiss farmers and processors of organic products, who make products for Coop's own sustainable brands "Coop Naturaplan" and "Miini Region".

Concrete projects

Coop promotes the construction of small biogas plants, which reduce methane emissions from livestock. Coop also supports an agroforestry programme, which calls for the planting of high-trunk fruit trees and wild fruit trees in rows on pasture land. If taken care of properly, the trees can be used for fruit and wood production. At the same time, they absorb CO₂ emissions. The aim of the third programme is to make fertiliser by composting manure. This gives new life to depleted soils and supports the growth of plants, while reducing methane emissions from manure at the same time.

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myclimate is responsible for project management and implementation. In addition, WWF ensures the highest sustainability requirements and Bio Suisse supports the project with its expertise and contacts to organic farmers. As part of the project identification process, myclimate checks resource efficiency measures at selected companies to ensure focus on relevant emission reduction potentials. On this basis, myclimate develops energy and resource efficiency measures and reviews the concrete implementation of the measures.

"The collaboration with Coop is a wonderful example of how something new can emerge throughout the years of partnership. The fact that a major Swiss company promotes small but sustainable companies in Switzerland is a powerful and exemplary story," said René Estermann, Managing Director of myclimate.

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