Demonstrating Impact – myclimate Provides Evaluations and Communication about the SDGs

Since it was established in 2002, myclimate has actively contributed to achieving measurable Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) on a social, economic and ecological level by means of its climate protection and education projects. Since 2016 myclimate has demonstrated the measurable impact of every single climate protection project, expressed as key performance indicators (KPIs) on the achievement of the SDGs. myclimate now also offers its partners and customers this solution.

For the Impact Measurement, since 2017 the relevant data (KPIs) has been systematically recorded and analysed in myclimate's web-based softwar Smart 3. myclimate now also offers these services to its customers with the SDG Impact Measurement. The organisation Regions of Climate Action (R20), co-founded by Arnold Schwarzenegger, is the first international partner to integrate the myclimate solution.

With the aid of myclimate smart3, myclimate supplies SDG-based evaluations and reports tailored to individual customer requirements, which reveal the actual impact of the financial and corporate customer commitment on the local population, the regional environment and global climate protection based on the SDGs. The simple presentation of figures is enhanced with images, success stories, emotions, attractive analyses and graphics. Thanks to this Reporting (R) together with prior evaluation and systematic Measurement (M) and the subsequent Validation (V) of this reporting, myclimate can offer its customers a tried and tested, comprehensive overall solution for much-needed SDG Impact Measurement.

In November 2017, the new Subnational Climate Fund (SnCF) was officially introduced at the Climate Conference in Bonn. This new fund is an initiative of R20 Regions of Climate Action and is managed by the impact investment experts from Blue Orchard. Together with Gold Standard, myclimate checks and measures the projects supported by the fund with regard to their actual SDG impact.

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