#dennichliebe – What do Knackeboul, the bishop of Basel and myclimate have in common?

They all love something that is threatened by climate change: Whether vinyl, the wonder of creation or the forest on our doorsteps. The consequences of the emerging increase in temperatures put the basis of our existence at risk. That’s why myclimate supports the #dennichliebe appeal.

myclimate employees take part in the #dennichliebe campaign

The aim of the initiative #dennichliebe is to encourage as many people as possible to take part in the global Climate Action Day. It mobilizes with a positive message and through various social media channels.

From 29 November until 11 December, heads of state, ministers, NGOs and scientists will meet in Paris for the 21st United Nations Climate Change Conference. The aim is to form a new binding agreement that carves the way for meeting the 2° target. To make sure the participants do not forget what it’s all about - the future of our society, basically everything we love - hundreds of thousands of people around the world will take to the streets on Climate Action Day on 28 and 29 November to call for a fair climate protection agreement.

The Climate Alliance is also organising Climate Action Days in five cities in Switzerland: Zurich, St. Gallen, Bern, Lugano and Geneva. The Climate Alliance is a coalition of over 70 organisations campaigning for an ambitious, fair climate policy. myclimate is a committed member of the Climate Alliance.

myclimate employees also have their own personal motives for their commitment to climate protection: From football, to white Christmases, to peaceful, global cooperation. They will personally stand up for these issues on Climate Action Day.

Come and join this call to action. We are pleased to have so many people on our side - for a fair and just climate policy and a world worth living in and loving, for everyone.

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