Digital food platform Farmy receives funding, also thanks to a myclimate analysis is an online marketplace where customers can purchase hand-picked products from over 600 local producers. Farmy not only brings customers and local producers together. The young company also has an impressively smart and sustainable logistics concept. To fund this, Farmy recently received an important loan from the Swiss Federal Office for the Environment. A myclimate analysis of the CO₂ saving potential paved the way for this.

The founders – Tobias Schubert behind the steering wheel, Roman Hartmann pushing the electric vehicle

In order to fund their logistics concept, Tobias Schubert and Roman Hartmann, the founders of, secured three million francs from a technology fund. This fund focuses on CO₂-reducing measures and is awarded as a loan from the Swiss Federal Office for the Environment in accordance with Article 35 of the CO₂ Act. myclimate calculated the greenhouse gas reduction potential of the solution from beforehand.

myclimate CO₂ study on logistics and food waste

In a study, myclimate analysed the emissions of the two shopping options, “by car (petrol/diesel) to the supermarket” and “with home delivery by Farmy electric car”. The study showed that by switching to delivery using electric vehicles, up to 80% of greenhouse gas emissions could be saved. In addition, the avoidance of food waste and regional procurement was also taken into account in the study.

According to the study, by 2020 Farmy will save at least 700 tonnes of CO₂. More than half of the savings result from the optimised transport system. Over 40% result from the projected avoidance of food waste. The study and the underlying calculations are very conservative, so with the anticipated business development, the true CO₂ saving potential could be higher.

Based on this study, Farmy also achieves transparency and motivation for its customers. For every purchase, the CO₂ saving potential is declared for each product and displayed on a personal CO₂ saving account. – The online market

Farmy was established in 2014 and since then has grown from a sustainable online business model to a multi-award-winning, solidly financed e-Commerce company. The mission of the young company is to develop a healthy ecosystem in the area of food supply, focusing on regional producers. Based in Zurich, Farmy supplies the whole of Switzerland as well as Liechtenstein, and currently employs 75 people.

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