Drive climate-neutral with Mobility and myclimate

From September 2006, Mobility customers can drive climate-neutral and voluntarily offset their CO₂ emissions in carbon offset projects. This is made possible through the partnership of Mobility and myclimate.

Gasoline or diesel-operated vehicles emit carbon dioxide and therefore contribute to the climate change. From September 2006, Mobility customers will have the option to offset these emissions through a voluntary surcharge of 2 centimes per kilometre. The proceeds flow into climate protection projects of the Swiss myclimate foundation. "Mobility drivers already make a valuable contribution to the protection of the climate through car sharing. Compensation is the icing on the cake", says myclimate managing director Renat Heuberger.

myclimate climate protection projects reduce greenhouse gas emissions directly at the source by promoting renewable energies and energy efficient technologies. On the Indonesian island of Sumatra, for example, an old hydroelectric power plant is being completely modernized and thus cleaner, climate-friendly power will be produced. The power plant previously had an output of 85 kilowatts; after the reconstruction it will be around 1.15 megawatts. Every year, 4,200 tonnes of CO₂ are saved thanks to the new power plant.

The local population also benefits from the project: On the one hand, the power supply, which was very unreliable above all in rural areas, is improved. On the other hand, the project creates jobs and reduces the migration from the country to the city.

Mobility also accepts responsibility and offsets the climate effect of all internal business trips. Mobility CarSharing Schweiz is the largest car sharing business worldwide with annual sales of CHF 43.3 million. In Switzerland, already 81,500 people use the 2,000 CarSharing vehicles.

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