DRV Annual Conference: One-Third Opt for Climate Protection

The German Travel Association (DRV) is very keen on its spectacular annual conference – as well as on climate protection.

DRV President Jürgen Büchy is pleased with the awareness of climate protection among association members.

Themyclimate project in Turkey. A fantastically high number of those registered so far have taken up the offer, taking a positive stance on behalf of climate protection.

There is significant interest in the <link www.drv.de/en/news-1/drv-jahrestagung.html - external-link>DRV’s annual conference in Abu Dhabi</link>: more than half of attendees have already registered. For 2014 the association is giving its members the option to make a voluntary offset payment of 34 euros, in addition to the registration fee, to offset the unavoidable CO₂ emissions generated by attending the conference. One-third of those who have already registered have elected to make this voluntary payment. DRV President Jürgen Büchy is thrilled: “It shows that our commitment to matters of the environment and climate protection during last year’s industry meet-up is now bearing fruit. And not only that: for many attendees the voluntary contribution is a matter of course”.

This year the DRV and<link www.futouris.org/en/homepage.html - external-link> Futouris</link>, the travel industry’s sustainability initiative, will be using these contributions to support a wind farm project in Burgaz in the Turkish province of Ҫanakkale. This on-shore wind farm produces around 52 GWh of electricity per year that is fed into the national grid. The project saves up to 33,535 tonnes of CO₂e every year. The wind farm also has a positive impact on the region as a whole. It has created local jobs, renovated public facilities such as the city mosque, and installed new sanitary facilities that are open to the general public. It has also built an information centre to help people learn about how the wind farm works and is run.

The DRV is also implementing measures to avoid waste on site, such as producing reusable or sustainably manufactured promotional items and carbon neutral printed materials.

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