Gold-ERZ - the environmentally and economically sensible option for businesses

Switzerland is stepping up its efforts to achieve its climate targets, which means new challenges, especially for companies in energy-intensive industry. myclimate offers products and expertise to overcome these challenges.

With the new service "Gold-ERZ" myclimate offers valuable and thus cost-effective support to Swiss companies who take part in the emissions trading scheme or commit themselves to the alliance for emission reductions. As a global leading provider of the highest quality reduction certificates, myclimate has a wide choice of certificates which can be offset in Switzerland. These allow companies to optimally plan the implementation of measures and, in the meantime, to provide a part of their reduction effort through the submission of international emissions reduction certificates.

To give some background, the amended <link - external-link-new-window>carbon law</link> came into effect on 1 January 2013. This law represents a milestone from which Switzerland is trying to reach its international climate targets. A central element is an incentive tax that is levied on fossil fuel such as heating oil or natural gas. The carbon tax should create incentives to consume fuel sparingly and use more carbon neutral or low carbon energy sources. Swiss companies can be exempted from the tax if they voluntarily commit themselves to lowering their GHG emissions.

Over and above the internationally recognised qualitative certificate, myclimate can offer companies a very expansive service. This begins with helping them find their way through all of the provisions and regulations, and extends to advice on increasing efficiency and reducing emissions on-site in their operations.

For more information please contact <link - mail>Eva van der Want</link>

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