Helvetia Insurance as a pioneer in carbon offsetting for CO2 emissions from vehicle fleets

Since November, Helvetia has been the first insurer in Switzerland to offer the opportunity for motor vehicle and fleet customers to offset their CO2 very simply with myclimate. Using just a little information about the vehicle type, fuel type and fuel consumption, the CO2 emissions of various fleet and motor vehicles can be quickly calculated and offset by making a contribution to climate protection.

Today, mobility must satisfy numerous demands – the individual need for transport and the demand for transport that is economical and environmentally friendly. Even if vehicles are generally becoming more efficient with regard to fuel consumption and producing fewer greenhouse gas emissions, private transport is a significant cause of CO2 emissions in Switzerland. Helvetia has acknowledged this situation and, together with myclimate, is offering a way of calculating these emissions, pricing them and then paying to offset them.

Now, with Helvetia, private individuals and companies with a fleet of vehicles can offset their CO2 emissions – with the CO2 climate protection contribution. The amount for the offsetting is generated based on how much fuel the vehicle uses. Clients can make their contribution at any time, irrespective of their vehicle policy, even if their policy is with another insurer.

The goal of the offsetting is to reduce the equivalent amount of CO2 elsewhere. Because it is irrelevant to our planet, where greenhouse gases are emitted and where they are avoided. The CO2 climate protection contribution is added to myclimate's portfolio for use in its own carbon offset projects.

“Offers that enable people to simply, transparently and proportionately take responsibility for their own CO2 emissions are effective tools for successful climate protection. Thanks to the cooperation with Helvetia, environmentally conscious policy holders can simply offset their emissions. Helvetia is a partner that recognises the value of innovative approaches to climate protection and has taken direct action,” myclimate CEO Stephen Neff says of the partnership.


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