Holiday travel and the carbon footprint

The holiday season is one of the highlights of the year that sees many Swiss people setting off from home for nearby and far-off destinations. Around this time, many travellers also find themselves wondering about their personal carbon footprint and how this is influenced by the respective holiday scenario. myclimate has created two info graphs to help answer these questions.

The first graph illustrates the different CO₂ emissions of a family of four's summer trip from Geneva to Nice on the Côte d'Azur. It compares different means of transport (car, train, plane and coach) with regard to the factors time and cost.

The second graph illustrates how far this family would be able to travel from Switzerland with a virtual budget of one tonne of CO₂ emissions and the different means of transport.

"We wanted to illustrate the possibilities offered by, among other things, our calculators in an appealing and easy-to-understand way. We would of course be delighted if this could help plan a future summer trip or autumn holiday," says myclimate Managing Director René Estermann.

The calculations were performed at myclimate using sources and databases such as mobitool, ecoinvent 2.2 and the myclimate flight calculator. Time and cost factors were calculated using Google Maps, Routerank,, SNCF and


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