Innovation and Sustainability as an Opportunity for Swiss Agriculture and Gastronomy

“Pioneers of Change” was the theme of the myclimate Cloud event series in 2018, which provides visionary entrepreneurs and opinion leaders with a platform to present their vision and solutions for a sustainable and economically successful future. The series began with a discussion on sustainability, profitability and innovation in Swiss agriculture and gastronomy led by Patrick Forster, CEO and chairman of Forster Group Ltd., Roland Jenni, co-founder and chairman of Zurich's EquiTable restaurant and Kai Landwehr of myclimate.

myclimate Cloud Lunch, Pioneers of Change, May 2018, from left: Kai Landwehr, myclimate; Roland Jenni, EquiTable and Patrick Forster, Forster Früchte und Gemüse AG

Patrick Forster is applying new and resource-efficient methods for fruit and vegetable growing in Switzerland at his company, uncompromising, climate-neutral cooking that saves resources and relies on regional products.

During the discussion, both participants referred to the biggest challenges – but also the opportunities – presented by sustainable management in their lines of business. “Sustainability was a ‘no man’s land’ in the field of gastronomy when we came up with our idea,” says Roland Jenni of the idea that led to the founding of EquiTable. At the same time, he emphasised that, alongside high-quality cooking, it is precisely sustainability that has become the restaurant’s unique selling point. “I think it’s a shame that in Switzerland every means available is used to try to protect the borders for agriculture rather than using those resources to produce more innovatively and sustainably,” says Patrick Forster in answer to the question whether Swiss agriculture has any chance and value in a globalised world. He notes, however, that sustainability plays an increasingly important role for many customers – in his case, Migros.

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The Paris Agreement on climate change paved the way for a future with zero emissions. But what are the major tasks for politics, the economy and our society? myclimate examines these questions at Cloud events with exciting guests from the Federal Office for the Environment (BAFU), the Migros Cooperative and the World Sustainability Forum, among other organisations. In 2018, myclimate is placing the “Pioneers of Change” in the spotlight. The next myclimate Cloud event will take place after the 2018 summer holiday at the myclimate Cloud Lounge on Pfingstweidstrasse.

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