Inside Solar Impulse – Experience historic moments live

Energy and climate pioneers can enjoy a very special experience. When the Solar Impulse team of Bertrand Piccard and André Borschberg restart their circumnavigation of the globe, you can win an exclusive glimpse behind the scenes of this mission. For one especially motivated class, myclimate and Solar Impulse are organising a visit to the Mission Control Center in Monaco.

Just a few days ahead – Solar Impulse will continue its mission

The competition is aimed at students at secondary school level. To win the competition, the school classes must have already taken part in the Energy and Climate Pioneers initiative or registered for the “off the cuff” expert lectures. Furthermore, they must also shoot a convincing application video.


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The class 3D of the high-school Rämibühl experienced last year, how thrilling such a class journey can be. They just arrived in time with their subject teacher Lorenz Leumann, in order to experience live the start and the important first hours of the crossing of the pacific from Nagoya/Japan to Hawaii.

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