Keep the fridge closed for sake of the environment – or else there will be trouble with the Fridgeezoo!

Fridgeezoo, a Japanese gadget for fridges, helps with climate protection: It sounds an alarm if you leave the fridge open for too long, thus wasting energy unnecessarily.

From now on, a typical Japanese gadget will help you avoid leaving the fridge open for too long, thereby reducing your CO2 emissions! The small fridge-mounted animals – called Fridgeezoos – look like milk cartons and remind you in either English or Japanese not to keep the fridge door open for too long: "It's too hot in here!"

Starting in December 2012, you can offset 1 kg of CO2 in myclimate climate protection projects when you buy a Fridgeezoo. Check out the cute  <link - external-link-new-window>Fridgeezoos</link> and give your loved ones one of these little nags this Christmas!

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