Logistics firm promotes solar technology in Tanzania

Alpensped GmbH is taking its social responsibility seriously in an attempt to link economy and ecology. A partnership with myclimate is a fantastic step in the right direction.

The Alpensped Team

Within the logistics sector, “Mobisol Innovative Lighting Programme of Activities, Tanzania”. This resulted in climate-neutral greenhouse gas emissions from its administration and transports for 2013.

The corporate philosophy at Alpensped GmbH, an international logistics firm, has three underlying pillars: economy, ecology and social responsibility. The company’s portfolio includes custom-built green logistics products, such as the development of a programme-specific carbon footprint. It has been calculating the corporate carbon footprint for several years already, and has carried out a validation in accordance with the environmental standard ISO 14001:2004 and certification in line with ISO 14064:2006. Alongside ongoing efforts to reduce harmful emissions and continuously boost efficiency, active environmental protection also involves compensation GHG emissions.

2.5 billion people worldwide live without any reliable source of power for their daily energy demand. They use inefficient light sources that burn expensive fuels such as kerosene, which severely limits their activities once it gets dark. To combat this, the climate protection programme "Mobisol Innovative Lighting Programme of Activities, Tanzania" works with solar home systems that provide a clean, affordable fossil fuel alternative for low-income households and small businesses.

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