Massive Reinforcements for Climate Protection

We are pleased to announce that our team has grown. A total of eight new myclimatees have joined us and they have thrown themselves into their work with gusto. We would like to briefly present the ladies (and one gentleman).

From left to right Isabel Burgener, Birthe Kempkes, Maja Surbeck, Bea Schellenberg and Simona Urpi. Latched on to the top Conrad Leuthold, Silja Püntener, Magalie Gillard and Julia Käser.

Since February, Maja Surbeck has not only swelled the ranks of our admin team. As Head of Administration, Finance and Personnel, she has also joined the myclimate Management Committee.

The Climate Education Department received two new additions at once. Julia Käser, an experienced grammar school teacher, and Silja Püntener, an environmental scientist, bring their extensive know-how to the team along with a breath of new life.

The Client Relationship Management Department has also gained two new colleagues. Simona Urpi will provide valuable new approaches as Project Manager. She and the rest of the team will be supported by Birthe Kempkes as a new member of project staff.

And, since all good things come in threes, Marketing has also welcomed two new additions. Bea Schellenberg is now responsible for the digital activities of our Foundation. Meanwhile, Isabel Burgener is already fully involved in a few exciting projects.

The hiring campaign actually began with the Carbon Management Services team. Magalie Gillard has brought new skills to the team as Project Manager since the beginning of the year. Finally, showing the flag for the men is Conrad Leuthold, whom we have already gotten to know and appreciate thanks to the time he spent with us during his alternative civilian service.

We hope that all of our new myclimatees enjoy the beginning of their time with us. You can find out more about the individuals on our website, under Team, or of course via the various social business networks.

Stay informed!