Meet Christof Fuchs – Managing Director of myclimate Austria

Christof Fuchs is the man entrusted with the development of myclimate gGmbH in Austria, which was newly established in January 2022. The new Managing Director brings with him a great deal of experience in leading management, marketing and sales roles. Get to know him a little better in the following interview.

Welcome to myclimate, Christof! In which of your previous positions did you have the closest connection to climate protection? 


That was definitely Zipcar and its innovative car sharing model. We were the first in Austria in this field. The idea of using something without necessarily owning it has always fascinated me – after all, I don’t buy a whole cow if I like drinking milk. In this car sharing model, you travel the long distance by public transport and the “last mile” by car if necessary. This saves you money and, of course, a huge amount of CO2. 


How do you rate the Austrian economy and companies with respect to doing business in a sustainable, climate-friendly way?  


Austria and its companies are among the 20 richest in the world, so we are in the fortunate position of being able to afford sustainability. And Austrian companies are already taking action: A recent survey carried out by the agency marketmind at the end of last year on behalf of the Economic Chamber of Vienna and covering 536 Viennese businesses reveals that 52 per cent of companies are already investing in sustainability and climate protection. 


What is your “100-day plan”? 


“Work on the matter in hand with humility, determination and creativity.” That is my motto.  
We are developing the subsidiary from scratch and can benefit from the decades of know-how already gained by the market leader in Switzerland. Our focus in Austria is building up the customer base, and for this we need the right specialists, strategic partnerships, the courage to make the right decisions – for example in marketing – and of course a suitable location for the office in Vienna.  


Since it went so well with our other new colleague, Florian Goppel, we would like to ask you a few “either/or” questions, too: 

Skiing or snowboarding?  

I’ve been on skis since the age of two, need I say more? 


On "red" or "black" slopes?  

Can't decide. 


Coffee house or mountain hut?  

My father was something of an extreme mountain climber, so you can guess where I spent my holidays. 


Technology or sufficiency?  

The second appeals to me more. I always ask myself this question after the Christmas holidays when the scales are once again displaying a record high. You only get back to your ideal weight in the long term by changing your behaviour. 


“Rage against the machine” or “Kraftwerk”?  

I fluctuate more between Shinedown and Beethoven. 


Electricity or hydrogen?  

Hydrogen will certainly be better in the long term, but to fill the gap until then, electricity makes sense. 


Reduce or offset?  

Reduce will be the keyword in 2022, as it’s the only way for us to reach the target. 


Organic or regional?  

Regional. I like people who relate to their roots. 


“Snooze” function or rise and shine?  

Rise and shine. Anything else only prolongs the suffering. 


Repair it yourself or call in an expert?  

I’m mad about Hornbach, if only because of the TV ads. 


Speed or perfection?  

Nobody is perfect. 


eBike mountain bike or road bike?  

Definitely both. 


And the million-dollar question: Nutella (or any other hazelnut spread) on bread with or without butter?  

Butter is an absolute must – otherwise it squeaks on the bread! 

Stay informed!