Meet myclimate’s Partner EUROBUS: "High Acceptance Proves the Environmental Awareness of our Customers"

In 2015 myclimate will introduce partners who share our vision of a low-carbon-society and take advantage of our educational and carbon management services as well as of our climate protection projects. Let’s start with EUROBUS.

The bus company EUROBUS with headquarter in Windisch / AG offers its customers at each booking a contribution to climate protection for their bus tour. Around half of all EUROBUS customers take advantage of this offer. Important annual funding for climate protection can be realized through this commitment of EUROBUS.

"The high acceptance of this voluntary offer from our customers shows their high awareness of environmental issues"; says Martin Wüthrich, Coach Quality and Sustainability EUROBUS. "Our in 2009 established partnership with myclimate is an important part of our company’s commitment that goes beyond the voluntary compensation," Wüthrich continues.

The EUROBUS climate contribution works globally and locally. In 2014 EUROBUS amplified the project "Solar and efficient cookers in Madagascar". A total of 861 tonnes of CO₂ were offset. More than 700 people have benefited directly from this commitment. 157 cooker could be installed. This led to a demand reduction for firewood of 1,566 tonnes, so that endangered forest on the island got protection.

In Croglio, EUROBUS supported the project "Reduction of methane emissions in Ticino". More than half of the saved emissions by the novel flare facility for landfill gas are thus on the company's account. Since 2013 EUROBUS is also partner of the programme "Electric and hybrid buses on Swiss roads". EUROBUS is a crucial player to gain valuable experience about the application of these technologies and thus to help those in the medium to long term breakthrough.

Long-distance coaches belongs to the carriers with the least burden on the climate and environment (source: Umweltbundesamt Germany, graphically implemented by EUROBUS).

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