Migros enables carbon offsetting when online shopping

As of March this year, customers of Migros Online can now offset the carbon emissions of their purchases. The money from these voluntary offsetting contributions goes into the comprehensive M-climate fund with projects that reduce greenhouse gasses within the downstream and upstream Migros supply chains. One in ten online shoppers takes advantage of this offsetting opportunity.

Many consumers are becoming increasingly environmentally aware when it comes to their own buying habits. Migros online has recently started offering the opportunity to make purchases more climate-friendly. At the click of a mouse, online shop customers can offset the carbon emissions resulting from their purchases. This function is soon to be expanded to include the Migros app. The voluntary offsetting opportunity at Migros Online is already being actively used with ten per cent of consumers already taking advantage of it. 

The offsetting at Migros Online covers all carbon emissions arising from the manufacturing of the products, their transport to the distribution centres, as well as the manufacturing and disposal of the packaging materials. For non-food items, the disposal of the product is also included. As the delivery of online orders to the customer is already offset by the postal service as a delivery partner, shipping is not offset a second time. 

One centime for one kilo of bananas 

The contributions for the carbon offsetting are based on a formula that is made up of the weight of the item, the carbon emission value of a product group (including apples, bananas and milk) and an offsetting price. One kilogram of bananas, for example, equates to 1 centime, one litre of milk to 4 centimes and 400 grams of beef to 30 centimes. 

The climate contributions for each product are added up in the basket and displayed as a total. myclimate has verified the calculation basis for the different product groups and assisted with the technical implementation. 

The offset payments go into the M-climate fund, which is managed by myclimate in close collaboration with Migros. The carbon offset projects financed by the fund started directly within the Migros supply chain and underpin the goal of Migros to reduce its own emissions in the long term. myclimate is responsible for project auditing, calculating and monitoring the carbon savings and fund management. 

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