Migros sustainability scale tested by myclimate

How sustainable is a product really? Unfortunately, it is often difficult to find out. The expanded Migros sustainability scale M-Check creates more transparency. How a product fares with regard to carbon footprint and animal welfare becomes clear at a glance with a new star rating displayed on the packaging. myclimate has validated and sample tested the new rating system from Migros. The sustainability scale is now being rolled out to other Migros own-brand products on an on-going basis.

More and more Migros products are being equipped with the M-Check sustainability scale. Photo: Daniel Grieser

The myclimate expert team has analysed the concept and methodology behind the rating system as part of an external review, which included random sample testing. In addition, the rating values were recalculated, data consistency and system limits tested, and calculation methodology and consistency of the results scrutinised. In this way, the myclimate team was able to validate the product ratings calculated prior to the testing.

“In light of the size of the Migros range, this first iteration of the star rating system has been simplified. However, in conjunction with the methodological foundation used, it offers an outstanding basis for continuously improving the system in the following years,” says Martin Lehmann, Team Leader for Consulting and Solutions at myclimate.

The rating system

Migros created the new rating system with support from myclimate and other partners such as the agency treeze and in consultation with the WWF. This allowed multiple sustainability criteria to be incorporated into the system. Criteria such as cultivation, transport routes, packaging and more, all contribute to the CO2 rating. For the animal welfare rating, factors such as freedom to roam, the conditions in which animals are kept and method of transportation, come into play. Other areas continue to be added alongside climate and animal welfare.

Sustainable shopping made easy

Migros is breaking new ground with its expanded M-Check sustainability scale. The scale, which uses a five-star rating, gives customers the opportunity to establish more informed and sustainable patterns of consumption. 
The more stars, the more animal and climate-friendly the product. 

“Migros wants this new scale to give customers the ability to inform themselves about the sustainability of the products they buy,” explains Matthias Wunderlin, Head of Marketing at Migros. Even inconsistencies, for example, a high animal welfare rating and a low climate balance rating, are displayed transparently. This enables consumers to make more conscious purchases.

In the next few years, the rating system will be rolled out to additional Migros own-brand products. The goal is to supply around 80% of the range with the new M-Check sustainability scale.

M-Check: sustainable shopping made easy | Migros

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